Cylinder Treatment Panel is deployed in a Jakarta gas plant. This local monitoring and control panel is installed with Siemens S7-1200 PLC and Hakko MONITOUCH V8 series HMI to monitor and control gas cylinder cleaning process. It allows user to the clean up to 64 units of cylinders each time.


Design Concept

There are 3 solenoid valves in the system to perform the cylinder cleaning process. User is able to input total number of cycles for the cleaning process. Each cycle consist of 3 stages, they are vacuum stage, N2 pressurize stage and pressure release stage.

Stage 1
    • Vacuum Valve is open to start vacuuming the entire system. When the desired vacuum level is achieved, the Vacuum Valve is then close and proceed with stage 2.
Stage 2
    • N2 Pressurize Valve is open to pressurize the cylinders. When the desired pressure is achieved, the N2 Pressurize Valve is then close and proceed with stage 3.
Stage 3
  • Release Valve is open to release the N2 in the cylinders. When the pressure drop to 0 Bar, the Release Valve is then close and completed 1 cycle.
  • The system is then continue with cycle 2 stage 1 until the desired total cycles reached.
  • Any of process alarms will be siren to alert the user and they will be logged in the alarm history logger. There is also auto shutdown, local EMO shutdown for safety purpose.







We supplied numerous sets of these Auto Switchover (ASO) panels to the leading MNC in consumer products. These ASO panels are equipped with ABB AC500 PLC and CP600 HMI to monitor and to control inert gas cylinder supplies for laboratories.

Design Concept

Two cylinders are supplied in each ASO panel where the system is run automatically. One cylinder is priority and the other is on standby. Once the first cylinder is low, it gives an alarm and automatically switches over to the standby cylinder. This is to ensure continuous supply on the line. However, there is an option to manually operate the system.

During Emergency, the system have a local alarm and remote alarm monitoring to alert the operator. There is also auto shutdown, local EMO shutdown, and remote shutdown interface.




Front view of HMI Control Panel with EMO button and buzzer.


Side open interior view of HMI Controller with PLC and wirings.


Full view of HMI Controller panel.



This offshore PLC Maintenance Service at Ore Sossego required our engineer to be certified in Further Offshore Emergency Training including EBS & Travel Safely by Boat (OPITO Approved Course, Code 5808).

Our maintenance service mainly consist of a backup copy to the as-built PLC configurations and program and housekeeping on the existing control panel. Visual inspection of wiring and part connections were also done. Besides that, we also provided our report of findings and spare parts recommendations to our customers.




Travel by small boat towards the vessel where the actual work site is.
There it is! Ore Sossego vessel, where our project site was.
Working personnel to climb up the highly inclined stairs to reach the vessel.
Safety First! Wherever we work.